Huawei GT 4: An Elegant Smartwatch Overflowing with Advanced Features

Huawei GT 4: An Elegant Smartwatch Overflowing with Advanced Features
Huawei GT 4: An Elegant Smartwatch Overflowing with Advanced Features

When you first lay eyes on the Huawei GT 4 smartwatch, its classic design exudes elegance. Once activated, this timepiece, boasting the slogan “Fashion Forward,” unveils a plethora of advanced features that will leave you captivated.

The Elegance of Huawei GT 4 Brown

SINDOnews had the privilege of experiencing the Huawei GT 4 Brown (Coklat) smartwatch with its brown leather strap that exudes a subtle and elegant charm. The Huawei GT 4 Brown is available exclusively in a 46mm size, tailored to the wrists of discerning gentlemen.

The octagonal dial design, which imparts a sense of sturdiness, is uniquely blended with round watch faces. The cutting-edge classic stainless steel casing maintains its stylish appearance, harmonizing beautifully with the brown leather strap.

On the watch’s outer surface, you’ll find just two round buttons on the right side, serving as the Rotating Crown, functioning as the home button and a quick access key. The watch’s display, an AMOLED screen, measures a crisp 1.43 inches, with the bottom part in black housing a small circle for sensors and charging.

Dimensions and Comfort

The Huawei GT 4 smartwatch boasts dimensions of 46mm x 46mm and a thickness of 10.9mm. Without the strap, it’s a mere 48 grams in weight. Wearing it for the first time, it feels comfortably lightweight, and the brown strap complements a variety of skin tones.

To activate the device, simply press the home button, and you’ll see “Huawei” followed by “Harmony OS,” indicating the smartwatch’s operating system. This OS is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, making the Huawei GT 4 suitable for a wide range of devices from any brand.

Pairing your smartphone with the Huawei GT 4 is a straightforward process. Begin by scanning the barcode on the product box or the one displayed on the smartwatch screen. Follow the instructions to establish the connection between the two devices and download the Huawei Health app to your smartphone. It’s also recommended to install Huawei AppGallery for easy updates to the Huawei Health app.

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A Multifaceted Home Screen

The initial home screen presents itself in a multifaceted style, reminiscent of a traditional watch, complete with rotating hands. Beyond this, the Huawei GT 4 offers a wide array of advanced features that are sure to impress.

Featuring a 1.43-inch Amoled color screen with a resolution of 466 × 466 pixels and a pixel density of 326 PPI, navigating, selecting, and using the available features is a delightful experience. Everything is accessible with a single swipe, allowing you to choose from a variety of features.

In total, there are seven watch faces, each offering a unique set of functions, ranging from basic timekeeping to various activities, sports, and health-related features. To simplify feature selection, you can press the home button to access a more streamlined second home screen.

Huawei GT 4: Your Daily Activity Companion

The Huawei GT 4 smartwatch offers a plethora of advanced features that make it an attractive choice for anyone. Several fundamental smartphone functions can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily life with the Huawei GT 4, allowing you to tailor it to your style and daily needs.

During our time with the Huawei GT 4, we explored several communication and basic daily activity features. This included receiving WhatsApp messages, managing phone calls, and experiencing the “Light Up Ring” feature, which Huawei promotes to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

By connecting WhatsApp and phone call features, you can conveniently receive notifications on your smartwatch, eliminating the need to repeatedly check your smartphone. You can even respond to some WhatsApp messages with quick replies or available emojis.

Incoming phone calls can be directly answered through the smartwatch, and the built-in microphone and speaker of the Huawei GT 4 ensure crystal-clear call quality. However, it’s worth noting that WhatsApp voice calls do not appear to be supported at this time.

Even entertainment features from your smartphone can be linked to the Huawei GT 4, such as playing music. The speaker on the Huawei GT 4 delivers clear sound quality, and you can also enjoy music through True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly, the “Light Up Ring” feature encourages a healthy lifestyle by tracking simple activities like standing, walking, or running. In addition to monitoring and recording daily activities, this feature allows users to set specific activity goals.

The Huawei GT 4 smartwatch effortlessly marries elegance with innovation, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a seamless blend of style and advanced functionality in their daily lives. Whether it’s managing communication or staying active, this smartwatch rises to the occasion, ensuring a delightful experience for all users.