Meta Scientist Prof. Yann Lecun Calls AI Not a Threat to Humanity

Prof. Yann Lecun

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the eminent Prof. Yann Lecun dispels any concerns about its potential threat to humanity. With his extensive expertise and pioneering contributions, he firmly believes that human capabilities will not be overshadowed by AI.

Addressing apprehensions, Prof. Lecun asserts, “While computers may eventually surpass human intelligence, such a reality is years away. Furthermore, if we recognize any potential dangers, we have the wisdom not to create it.”

In recognition of their groundbreaking advancements in AI, Prof. Lecun, along with Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, was honored with the prestigious Turing Award in 2018. Collectively known as The Godfathers of AI, their transformative work revolutionized the field.

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Presently serving as the Chief AI Scientist at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Prof. Lecun respectfully diverges from his esteemed peers, confidently affirming that AI does not pose a risk to humanity.

In response to the question of whether AI will dominate the world, Prof. Lecun dismisses such notions with a compelling analogy. He likens it to asking someone in 1930 about the safety precautions required for a turbo-jet—a concept that had not yet been invented at the time.

Drawing a parallel, he asserts, “There is no inherent danger in AI. It’s analogous to pondering the safety measures for a turbo-jet in 1930 when turbo-jets had not even come into existence.”

With Prof. Lecun’s reassurances, it becomes evident that AI, much like the yet-to-be-discovered turbo-jet in 1930, does not harbor any immediate threat to humanity.