Mujer Araña Video Viral

Mujer Araña Video Viral They viralized a few days ago the video of a couple having s.ex in an experienced way. She was nicknamed ‘Spider Woman’, for a position in which she appeared attached to the ceiling.

Mujer Araña Video Viral Criticism and even rumors of suicide were discussed on social networks, so in recent days the “Spider Woman” and her partner spoke.

In an interview for the YouTube channel that is registered as “Cule man TV”, the Barranquilla couple spoke openly.

The protagonists of the video

Mujer Araña Video Viral She is a young woman of 22 years of age, she said that she is a high school graduate and that she is currently studying at SENA, that to earn money she straightens hair and makes a blower.

Upon learning that her intimacy had been violated and that the video of her having sex with the man with whom she lives was so viral, she said, “Actually, I didn’t pay much attention to the comments they made to me, I saw some comments supporting me and also criticism, if it affected me a little, but I asked God to give me strength so that I could continue with this battle that I am leading and so I am going ».

He is 24 years old, a young man who makes a living with art, who knows how to draw and who loves his partner.

He also talked about the sexual position that made them famous, he said, “the truth is I’m a ‘craving’ man, everything I see I want to do and I saw it in a video (the position) and I wanted to do it, I wanted to experience it.”

How was the video leaked?

They said that they were at a family party, that he was recording so he had the cell phone in hand, he says that he suddenly got carried away by the euphoria of the moment, “went into the reccha” and handed the cell phone to someone who did not remember who he is.

The cell phone was lost, but its contents were not. The video of the two having sex went viral and the comments did not wait, they even rumored that she had committed suicide.

Young people say they want to get ahead, they have even taken advantage of the fact that they are “famous” known as “Spider Man and Spider Woman” and will start creating content on social networks with these same names.

See the full interview below