(Real Link) Video Tinaga Ang Paa Na Putol Viral Tiktok Twitter Facebook

Video Tinaga Ang Paa Na – Tinaga Ang Paa Na Putol is the length of a video that recently went viral on the Facebook app Tiktok Twitter.

Are you curious about the content of the Tinaga Ang Paa Na Putol recording? The following is a video link that is currently in the spotlight until it is trending in the Philippines.

Warganet was again surprised by the short length of the footage showing the grabbing action that the victim was a pedestrian, suddenly the tense video went viral.

Let’s take a look at the complete review of the latest news about the viral tinaga ang paa na putol. Included in this article is a viral link.

Several users who have seen the vile video have various comments regarding the widely circulated viral images.

“I just saw tinaga ang why did they do that? It’s so random,” Twitter user @kxmbinie_ tweeted.

“I think it was planned or outlined,” another user added, commenting on the tweet.

Therefore, if you are still curious about the recording, you can find it by accessing this article.

Video Link Tinaga Ang Paa Na Putol

According to a search on various social networks, it can be seen in the video fragment of the atmosphere of the city that was recorded through CCTV.

In the sequel, a man is seen walking on the sidewalk or what can also be called a pedestrian walkway.

The tense atmosphere began to appear after a man in a black jacket and white hat ran towards one of the pedestrians, so the man in the black jacket began to feel the tension tinaga ang paa na putol.

The heinous act was also recorded on CCTV and leaked to various social media to shock netizens.

Now the recording has been widely distributed, so you can find it more easily through the following access.


This is information on the viral topic in recent weeks, so far the origin of the video is not known and what reason someone did it.