How to Overcome Lyrics Not Appearing on Spotify, Turns Out It’s Easy!

Ilustration How to Overcome Lyrics Not Appearing on Spotify (Freepik)
Ilustration How to Overcome Lyrics Not Appearing on Spotify (Freepik)

Spotify is the leading music streaming application with a massive user base. According to the Google Play Store and App Store, over 100 million people rely on this platform, solidifying its undeniable popularity.

The extensive range of features offered by Spotify enhances the overall music-listening experience. One notable feature is the inclusion of song lyrics, which allows users to effortlessly follow along and sing to their favorite tunes.

However, there are instances where song lyrics fail to appear on Spotify. If you’re facing this issue, worry not! This article will guide you on how to resolve the problem and restore the lyrics feature on Spotify.

Causes of Missing Lyrics on Spotify

Several factors can contribute to the absence of lyrics on Spotify. Let’s explore some of the potential causes:

  1. Spotify App Error

This issue may arise due to a glitch or error within the application. Although the app remains functional, you may encounter bugs, resulting in lyrics not being displayed while listening to a song.

  1. Lack of Provided Lyrics by Artists

In certain cases, the absence of lyrics is not a technical problem. It could be that the particular song or artist you’re listening to does not have the lyrics integrated into their music. This may occur if the song is newly released or if the artist deliberately chose not to include the lyrics.

To check if lyrics are available, try selecting another song by the same artist. If lyrics are present, the absence of lyrics in the previous song is not due to an error, but rather a deliberate choice by the artist.

  1. Insufficient Storage Space

A full phone storage can impede the smooth functioning of the Spotify app and result in lyrics not appearing. Ensure your device has sufficient available storage and optimal RAM performance by removing unnecessary applications or deleting those you no longer use.

  1. Lyrics with Errors

Sometimes, lyrics fail to appear due to errors within the song’s lyrics data. You can resolve this issue by restarting your device or reinstalling the Spotify application.

  1. Outdated Spotify Version

Using an outdated version of Spotify can prevent the lyrics feature from working properly. To avoid this, make sure to regularly update the application. If your Spotify version is outdated, it could be a probable reason for the missing lyrics.

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How to Address Spotify’s Missing Lyrics

Now that we understand the potential causes, let’s explore the steps to overcome the issue of missing lyrics on Spotify:

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify App

If you encounter this problem, one effective solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Spotify application on your mobile device. Follow these simple steps:

  • Press and hold the Spotify app icon for a few seconds.
  • Select ‘Remove App’ from the small window that appears.
  • Once the application is successfully removed, open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile.
  • Search for Spotify and click ‘Download.’
  • Wait for the application to finish installing.
  • After successful installation, reopen the Spotify app and log in with your credentials.

2. Clear App Data and Cache

Corrupt data and cache storage can often be the underlying cause of Spotify not displaying lyrics. To resolve this, clear the app’s data and cache using the following steps:

  • Open Spotify and click on the ‘gear’ icon to access the settings.
  • Scroll down and find ‘Storage.’
  • Select “Clear cache.”

3. Update Spotify

Ensure that you have the latest version of Spotify installed to avoid any compatibility issues with the lyrics feature. Follow these steps to update Spotify:

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device.
  • Search for Spotify and click ‘Update.’
  • Wait for the application to finish updating.
  • Once the update is complete, reopen the Spotify app.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

A slow or unstable internet connection may cause lyrics to fail to appear on Spotify. To rectify this issue, follow these steps:

  • Disable cellular data or Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Activate ‘Airplane Mode’ for a few minutes.
  • Disable ‘Airplane Mode.’
  • Restart your internet connection.

5. Delete Unnecessary Playlists

Having an excessive number of playlists can hinder the proper functioning of Spotify and its features. Follow these steps to delete unwanted playlists:

  • Launch the Spotify application on your mobile device.
  • Select ‘Your library.’
  • Choose ‘Playlists.’
  • Click ‘Remove from this playlist.’

By following these guidelines, you can effortlessly overcome the challenge of missing lyrics on Spotify. Rest assured, with these solutions in place, your music-listening experience will be enhanced, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs without any interruptions.